Hansen Technologies serves Energy and TV and Telco companies in over 45 countries worldwide. Our strategy is to continue progressive and measured expansion by acquiring companies with complementary geographic operations, strategically relevant solutions and key client portfolios.

We are in a strong position to continue pursuing this strategy because we have a successful track record managing our acquisitions, delivering exceptional customer service and support, and generating increased value for our shareholders.

Recent Acquisitions

Enoro – Customer Information Systems and Meter Data Management solutions (July 2017)

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HiAffinity – Utility billing and customer care (November 2016)

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PPLSolutions – Billing, Business Process Outsourcing, Call Centre and Information Technology Services (July 2016)

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Telebilling – Triple and quad-play customer care and billing (May 2015)

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Banner CIS – Water and municipality customer care and billing (May 2014)

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Utilisoft – Proprietary energy market connectivity software (March 2013)
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Irdeto ICC Billing – Pay TV billing and customer care solution (January 2013)
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NirvanaSoft – Complex billing solution for energy providers (November 2010)
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Peace Software – Billing and customer care (October 2008). Recently upgraded; new version is called Peaceplus.
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If you would like to speak with us confidentially about your company and possible acquisition opportunities, please contact us.