Hansen Technologies was founded in 1971, and has grown into a worldwide, trusted billing and customer care solution and facilities management provider. Serving the Energy and TV and Telco, industries, we now:

  • Employ 1000+ employees
  • Support customer care and billing solutions in 45 countries
  • Offer leading customer care and billing solutions across a variety of markets

Other Key Milestones


  • Purchased Enoro the Nordic market leading provider of Customer Information Systems (CIS) & Meter Data Management (MDM) systems for the energy sector. (Press release)


  • Purchased HiAffinity focused on the water billing industry with clients in the United Kingdom, Australia, Africa & Americas. (Press release)


  • Partnered with Smart Utility Systems (SUS) to deliver mobile platforms to utilities. (Press release)
  • Selected by eRex for expansion in the Japanese deregulation residential market. (Press release)
  • Signed contract with Hinduja Group to support its HITS platform in India. (Press release)
  • Signed distribution agreement with Toshiba Industrial ICT Solution to resell Peaceplus in Japan. (Press release)
  • Signed contract to renew services with BT Group PLC. (Press release)
  • Acquired Telebilling A/S, adding triple and quad play billing to the Hansen Utilities portfolio. (Press release)
  • Announced City of Mesa as Early Adopter for Banner CIS V5. (Press release)
  • Finalized successful go-live of ICC for Univisa S.A. (Press release)


  • Signed contract with Ergon Energy to implement Peaceplus. (Press release)
  • Signed contract with Univisa S.A. to implement ICC. (Press release)
  • Signed contract with DirecTV Latin America to implement ICC. (Press release)
  • Finalized successful go-live of Nirvanasoft CIS for Agway Energy. (Press release)
  • Acquired Banner CIS, adding water billing to Hansen’s deep portfolio. (Press release)


  • Finalized successful go-live of HUB for Tokyo Electricity.
  • Implemented ICC V6.2 successfully at DIRECTV Argentina.
  • Upgraded Essential Energy to Peaceplus.
  • Released new version of Peace, Peaceplus, which includes several new features and modules to meet the needs of the evolving energy industry.
  • Signed contract with EDF Energy to implement Nirvanasoft. (Press release)
  • Signed contract with Suburban Propane (formerly Agway Energy Services) to implement Nirvanasoft. (Press release)
  • Signed contract with Aurora Energy to implement Utilisoft. (Press release)
  • Completed largest implementation of ICC for DirectTV Argentina.
  • Acquired Irdeto’s ICC (Intelligent Customer Care) solution for Pay TV operators. (Press release)
  • Acquired Utilisoft, real-time energy market interaction and transaction data management software for generators, traders and retailers. (Press release)
  • Released social media module for utilities. (Press Release)


  • Signed contract with Agway Energy Services for Nirvanasoft. (Press Release)



  • Acquired Nirvanasoft, a complex billing and customer care software solution built on the Microsoft platform.


  • Ranked in the top 3 CIS vendors for investor-owned utilities by Utilipoint International for the second consecutive year.


  • Signed license and started hosting service delivery for Tesco Mobile, the UK’s fastest growing mobile operator.
  • Ranked in the top 3 CIS vendors for investor-owned utilities by Utilipoint International.
  • Acquired Peace from First Data Corp. and began work on software upgrades and service at Direct Energy, Xcel Energy, Energex, Essential Energy, Airtricity and Broward County Utilities.
  • Achieved world-leading results and benchmarks its Meter Data Management engine, HUB, to process 1 million interval meters in one hour.


  • Won best CIS/CRM award at Airtricity for Peace.
  • Completed third full retail compliant network billing installation at Energex (Australia).
  • Won best CIS/CRM award at Direct Energy for Peace.


  • Completed first implementation of the HUB telecommunications billing system in the United Kingdom.
  • Implemented HUB at Scottish Power.
  • Implemented Peace at Airtricity (Europe).
  • Won award for the best CIS/CRM Implementation North America at Xcel Energy for Peace.


  • Secured first major CIS contract in Japan, delivering HUB, a network solution to Japan’s largest electricity utility.
  • Reported #1 CIS vendor to North American energy retailers by Chartwell Inc.


  • Reached first 5 million customer installations of Peace at Xcel Energy for dual-fuel electricity and gas.


  • Enabled a multi-fuel billing system for  TXU (Australia), an Australian first where the electricity and gas billing data is presented as one consolidated bill.
  • Installed first customer, Country Energy, with convergent billing across the energy and water industries.


  • Installed first million+ CIS customer browsers at Direct Energy.


  • Pioneered browser-based customer care solution for call centers at Telecom NZ.
  • Joined the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:HSN) in 2000.


  • Implemented first North American customer care and billing system, Peace, at British Columbia Gas.


  • Developed the first internet-based customer self-service solution (Peace) for customers who receive electric, gas and water through Advance Energy (renamed Country Energy) in 2001 and finally Essential Energy.