Scalable, International, OTT-Ready.

A solution that will grow as you grow

Proven Scalability

Our solutions support some of the world’s largest DTH operations handling in excess of 10 Million subscribers on a single instance, spanning multiple countries and currencies. Our solution can grow with clients from Greenfield DTH or DTT implementations to well-established, large subscriber bases in highly connected regions.

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Seamless service on both broadcast and broadband

Over-the-Top Support

Hansen’s solutions include full support for managing consumers on-line including customer capture, self-care, my account capabilities, and extensive on-line content bundling.

Offer multiple pricing and payment options

Pre-paid and Post-paid Billing Models

Hansen’s solution gives your customers flexible billing options allowing you to reach a wider demographic. Our multiple currency, pricing, and bundling features deliver ultimate flexibility for creating product packages to extend your reach to target and niche markets including Dealer Networks and Affiliates.

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