Fast, Accurate Billing to Maximize Growth

Offer creative products to all your customers

Flexible & Dynamic Pricing

Hansen’s billing solutions for retail energy providers have been operating in the deregulated supplier markets for the last 16 years, helping retailers attract and retain customers in competitive and fast-moving markets in Australia, North America and the UK.

Solutions for Retail Energy providers

Solutions for Retail Energy providers

Enter and operate in new markets

Multi-Market Capabilities

Hansen CIS software is operational in almost all deregulated electricity and natural gas territories. Our industry expertise will ensure that you experience a smooth and efficient transition into new markets.

Manage millions of line item calculations

Transactional & Operational Scalability

Production-proven in more than 40 markets throughout the world, our solutions handle millions of line item calculations for sophisticated rates including hedges, blends, and ISO charge pass-through. Capabilities include automatic generation of rate code changes (as opposed to one customer at a time), complex rules-based pricing/rating, and customer communications workflows.

Solutions for Retail Energy providers

Solutions for Retail Energy providers

Interoperate with the market

Standards Compliance

Our Gateway solutions manage customer hand-off, essential meter data storage, and a host of exchange processes between retailers, meter data agents, and network operators, in compliance with applicable deregulated market standards.

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