Customer Experience can mean many things to many people, but the common theme when you think about your experience when dealing with a company is the same, “How did it make me feel?”
As a utility or retail energy supplier you are judged against all other customer experiences your clients are having daily. And the bar is high. Consistently delivering positive interactions improves retention rates, increases the potential for word of mouth and reduces churn risk.


Customers expect energy supply to flow seamlessly from the utility to their homes and businesses. When they receive their bills, they expect transparency, charges to be calculated correctly, and the information to be accurate. The CSR is also an important face of your company and if your customer has a good experience, they will then be more receptive each month when they receive their bill. Increasing the chance of them staying loyal to you for years to come.


At the Hansen Connect North America 2017 event, industry leaders and Hansen Technologies product and services experts came together to connect and share ideas. We got some great insights into how we can continue to help achieve shared goals; to advance our offerings, address new relevant issues and empower our clients to enhance their customers’ experience.

What did our clients have to say? See for yourself below.



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