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Evolve with new regulation and compliance standards

Configurable Design

Hansen’s configurable product design allows customers to make changes without the risk or cost of further customization. Our solution reduces the complexity and expense to adapt to market and regulatory demands by giving you the control to structure your own rates and offerings.

configurable design for Utilities

smart grid ready

Manage smart meter data volumes

Smart Grid-Ready

Hansen’s solutions manage interval data, net metering, time-of-use pricing, and demand response programs that drive new billing requirements not often supported by legacy CIS systems. We can support your existing CIS to Smart Grid requirements without the cost and commitment of a full-scale system replacement or upgrade.

Manage complex pricing requirements and data

Robust Billing Features

Our complex rating engine integrates with existing CIS solutions, providing advanced complex billing capabilities without the need for expensive and risky CIS replacement programs. We support the most complex rates structures including: dynamic pricing, TOU and seasonal rates, net metering, and demand response programs.

utilities billing


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