Evolve to Meet Changing Customer Expectations

Increase customer satisfaction

Customer Engagement

Hansen enables powerful self-care and usage tracking through API’s that enable billing adjustments, statement history, and payment plans. Tightly integrated Partners offer compelling mobile applications and web portals that allow you to interact with customers on their preferred platforms. All customer interactions are supported by one consolidated view, enabling CSR’s to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.



Optimize your call center operations

Streamlined Workflows

Hansen’s solutions enable your customer service staff to deliver superior services through efficient call center workflows, tight integrations to workforce management solutions, and real time updates on status orders. The result is rapid-time-to resolution, reduction in errors, and shorter hold times.

Incentivize reduced energy consumption

Leverage Smart Grid Data

Hansen’s solutions manage the billing and rating challenges posed by smart grid including net-metering, demand response programs, and complex billing functions. Large volumes of interval data can be stored and utilized enabling you to issue near-real time billing information to your customers and bolster your ability to leverage and analyze big data.



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