Market Adaptable, Flexible, Configurable.

Offer multiple pricing and payment options

Flexible, Rapid-Launch Bundling

Hansen’s MVNO solutions provide opportunities to attract larger demographics with pre and post-paid pricing and bundling features for quick-to-market packages tailored for specific customers. Options include family data plans, smart limits, discounting schemes for friends and family, volume discounts, group bonus, multiple CDR-format support, and fraud management.


Customer Self Care

Give your customers the control to manage their accounts

Customer Self-Care in Real-Time

Hansen supports scalable web services for Mobile Apps, IVR, and Self-care with real-time visibility of consumption. The system’s flexibility and interoperability enable greater efficiencies and reduce operational costs while keeping data secure and privacy protected.

Rapidly grow your customer base

Proven Scalability

Hansen’s inherent consolidation features allows you to add new customers, products, and services to enhance your proposition, securing more subscribers and increasing revenues. The configurable product catalogue gives you the independence to launch new products and bundles without being hampered by lagging systems.

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