Hansen for Pay TV Operators

Constant changes within emerging, global Pay TV markets mean that operators are more concerned than ever with keeping pace to grow their customer base and increase overall market share. Often a billing system can restrain operations from reaching business goals due to inflexibilty and lack of interoperability with other back-end processes and systems.

Hansen’s end-to-end customer care and billing solution enables operators to react to market trends quickly in a very cost effective way. The system offers the desired personalized customer experience, tailored to local conditions, throughout the world.

Proven Solution

Hansen incorporates a vast experience of serving the Pay Media market (DTH, DTT, Cable, MSO, and Multi-screen operators) for nearly 20 years, providing a true best-of-breed solution for billing and customer care. Hansen’s solution is currently operating successfully for more than 30 Pay TV operators with an average tenure of 11 years, supporting over 40 million subscribers in over 70 countries.


Media Operators Supported

  • DTH (Direct To Home)
  • DTT (Digital Terrestrial)
  • Cable
  • MSO (Multi-Service Operators)
  • HITS (Headend In The Sky)

Services Supported

  • Subscription (Pre-Paid & Post Paid)
  • Seasonal (short-term) Subscription
  • Broadband
  • VoIP
  • Multi-Screen
  • Hardware
  • Service Contracts
  • Multi-Room

Enabling Pay Media Operators to Meet Objectives

Hansen’s ICC subscriber management solution has been conceived to provide a full lifecycle solution, covering all major functionalities needed to manage an operator’s subscriber base. It incorporates our vast experience of exclusively serving the Pay Media market (DTH, DTT, Cable, MSO, and Multi-screen operators) for nearly 20 years, providing a true best-of-breed solution for billing and customer care.


Grow Subscriber Base

  • Flexible packaging and bundling – Allows you to quickly and easily package and bundle your service offerings so you can attract new customer and grow your operation.
  • Run targeted campaigns – Offers & Discounting configuration enables operators to target segments of the customer base that best fit a new service offering.
  • Target new markets – Allows you to think outside the box to grow your business.  Offer new payment options – prepaid or instalments.  Go after different customer types – Commercial accounts, MDUs, Membership originations.
  • Establish partnerships – Collaborate with top resellers.
  • Use Business Intelligence to discover and act upon customer trends.
Speed Up Your Time to Market

  • Support new services and subscribers quickly – Allows you to add & change products quickly and without any need for development.
  • Streamline processes – Workflow enabled to automate and streamline manual processes to save time and money.
  • Integrate quickly using Hansen’s open API and easy to use Integration Framework.
  • Bring Greenfield operations up quickly – Hansen’s implementation services have vast experience in helping new operators build and grow their business by bringing proven industry best practices and the ability to apply them to your specific needs.
Increase ARPU

  • Package and bundle to drive sales and boost revenue per customer.
  • Increase PPV/VOD sales – Promote Orderable Events to targeted customers using demographic information.
  • Create Administration and Service fees – Attach fees to service oriented tasks.
  • Use BI to measure ROI – Identify your most profitable products and service.
Reduce Churn

  • Improve customer service with Hansen’s 360-degree subscriber view web-based GUI.
  • Develop Win-back targeted campaigns using Hansen’s flexible and easy to use Configuration module.
  • Offer payment plans and method of payment options.
  • Monitor Real-time Churn using Hansen’s BI KPI’s integrated directly into the application.
Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Automate processes to reduce errors and increase efficiency.
  • Reduce edge systems – Hansen offers a fully integrated customer care and billing system that offers an end-to-end solution and allows you to minimize needs for additional costly edge system and the integration that goes with them.
  • Support multi-company, multi-currency, taxation, languages all in one system.
  • Support distributed call centers – Web based GUI allows your call center to be located in the most cost efficient locations.
  • Pre-integrated BI and KPI’s – Eliminate the risk and cost involved in building a Business Intelligence system from scratch.

Hansen Services:

  • Implementation – Years of experience and a proven methodology
  • Training – Both on location and online
  • Customer Support – Local, Regional, Global
  • Software Updates – Constant product development and improvement
  • Customization – Highly qualified and experienced staff
  • On-site Dedicated Support – Optional for additional high quality service
  • Hosted & Managed Solutions – Helping you operate efficiently
  • Consulting Services – Not just a vendor, a true partner

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