Hansen Services: Data Center, Hosting, IT Management, Application Services, Service Desk

Hansen Services removes the burden of infrastructure maintenance, so priorities can be focused on business. Our hosting and data centers are supported 24x7x365 and span multiple regions around the globe. Fully redundant in design, Hansen makes reliability and security our top priorities.

Why Hansen Services?

Well-established in IT and Data services, Hansen Technologies has been providing solutions within multiple industries since 1971.

  • Receive committed expertise in IT and data management
  • Reduce infrastructure and IT management costs
  • Keep business operations running smoothly
  • Modernize application testing and implementation processes

Functionality, Features and Benefits

Hansen’s IT outsourcing solutions span IT managed services to hosted and managed data center operations. Additionally, we offer a range of utility application services which leverage our experience and expertise developing solutions for customers.

Hosting and IT Solutions

Hansen provides comprehensive IT services ranging from governments to major finance, energy, healthcare, logistics and manufacturing companies. We even provide solutions that underpin other IT managed service vendors. With purpose-built facilities, a wealth of IT expertise, our services include data center and hosting, disaster recovery and IT management.

Application Services

Leveraging Hansen’s expertise as a leading billing and customer care solutions vendor, our application services are tailored to meet the unique needs of energy, Pay TV and telecommunications utilities.

Contact Us

If you are a Services Provider and want to know what Hansen can do for your business, contact us.