Taking the Complexity out of Complex Billing

Nirvanasoft is an end-to-end CIS designed to manage the entire customer lifecycle in multiple markets and bill models. It supports the vast range of market transaction formats between retailers, utilities, and additional market participants.

The Nirvanasoft modular suite is designed to fulfill the needs of both regulated and deregulated markets. Smart Grid plug-in provides a robust and cost effective way to support smart-grid requirements. Our Complex Billing plug-in offers a sophisticated solution to support highly complex and dynamic rates structures for both C&I and residential customers.

Why Nirvanasoft?

  • Extend the life of your existing CIS by avoiding a full replacement program
  • Reduce the cost of CIS implementation with a modular approach
  • Structure and bill for complex energy rates including capacity, energy transmission, options, indices, and demand response
  • Calculate complex non-uniform rate structures and billing charges
  • Quickly enter new markets with rapid definition and introduction of new products

Functionality, Features and Benefits

Product Features

Key Components & Functionality

Nirvanasoft’s market-leading billing functionality is powered by an object-relational rating engine that requires no proprietary language in order to create and bill rates and products. Its architecture is based on compiler-design based techniques as opposed to traditional application architecture and is based on a design principle of “configure, not code”. Rates, products, and services are created by populating set-up screens, without the need for programming. This significantly decreases the time required for new product definition and entering new markets – key considerations for deregulated retailers.

Nirvanasoft’s architecture is based on the Microsoft Windows platform, and uses the latest .NET technologies – a state of the art Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) platform that delivers high performance and easily integrates with existing third-party or in-house systems, such as Meter Data Management systems, forecasting systems, web portals (providing data download and complex analysis to large-scale C&I customers), as well as legacy CIS systems (providing output of summary level invoices, including bill-ready line item calculations and billing determinants.)


Learn about what Nirvanasoft can do for your business below:

Business Types:

Regulated Energy Provider

The Smart Grid Bridge and Complex Billing Module can meet new business challenges that your legacy CIS cannot.

Nirvanasoft provides a range of modular, plug-in billing solutions to support challenges to your existing legacy system, such as smart-grid roll-outs and complex billing requirements. These solutions sit alongside your current system, precluding the need for full-scale implementations or costly software enhancements.

Benefits for Regulated Energy Providers

  1. Support for Smart Grid Programs
  2. Support for Complex Billing
  3. Ease of Integration
Competitive Retailer

From high-end C&I specialists offering the most complex products to large-scale multi-market residential retailers with hundreds of thousands of customers.

Nirvanasoft is a highly configurable end-to-end strategic CIS supporting cost-effective synchronization with market participants, such as Local Distribution Companies and market registries. Nirvanasoft supports rapid expansion into new markets and jurisdictions, all on one platform. Retailers can enter a new jurisdiction quickly, supporting a multitude of differing local rules, and precluding the need for disparate systems for different customers and markets.

Benefits for Competitive Retailers

  1. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  2. End-to-End Solution
  3. All-in-One Offering

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